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Sunday, August 15, 2010


                             My children have shown some interest in learning a musical instrument. So I decided to take them to the music store. They were surprised to see the different selections of  instruments. Luckily we arrived at the store when there weren't many people .

The people who worked at the store were very pleasant they even showed us around. DJ fell in love with this drum set. My goal of this visit was to show them a variety of instruments, so they could really think about what musical instrument they would like to learn. It was clear to everyone what DJ interest was. It was clear to me that I have to prepare an isolated area for DJ's music time in the near future, or purchase a year supply of Tylenol if I am going to follow this childs' musical interest.

After all the politeness I felt obligated to purchase something. So the kids helped me to decide on this.

The Music Maker

                         It comes with music sheets with musical notes. The child lines up the sheet with the strings. The child uses the pic and stums the string. It involves a lot of  hand/eye coordination. With practice a child can quickly learn to play one of their favorite melodies. 

Well those who still stayed interested in this musical instrument had questions. What does this mean? asking about the musical notes. I printed some materials from Montessori for Everyone. The Musical Family Sort Work, and The Musical Notes Match Work.

The questions kept coming, and coming from my kids so I decided it was time for a science lesson in sound.

The Box Guitar

Get a box, elastic bands. Stretch the elastic bands around the box.
Pluck and strum the strings to make sound.
Objective: Make different sounds by plucking strings of different thickness and length.
                                                                    Pan Pipes
Equipment: Plastic straws,clay,cardboard,scissors,tape,ruler.
1. Cut straws to 9,8,7,6,5 and 4cm lenghts.

2. Cut out strip of cardboard(11cm x3cm) and line up straws along it, about 1cm apart tape them in place.

3. Put some clay at the bottom of each straw.

4. Blow quickly over the pipes to make different musical notes.
Objective: Make different musical sounds with pipes of different lenghts.

Metal Bells

Grab a string, and three metal rods.
1. Tie the metal rods along a length of string.

2. Hold the string ends and listen to the metal rods hitting against each other.

3. Next, raise the strings ends to your ears.
                                                 Objective: To listen to sounds traveling through the air and through a solid.

                                They also learned about wavelengths by taping a string to a table and moving the string from side to side. This helped them visualize sound waves. Learning about reading music, and the different music instruments have helped my kids to really think hard about what instrument they really want to begin formal lessons with.  DJ is sticking to the drums. However until that time comes I have managed to keep him occupied with these.
Here he is practing with the handbells "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".
I must say he is pretty good at this song. I don't have much time left before the drums.

I am linking this post to Montessori Monday hosted by One Hook Wonder and Science Sunday hosted by Adventures In Mommydom.


  1. Wow, this is fantastic! I love all the instruments you made. So glad our cards could be the start of your musical adventure!

  2. Those cards are just what I was looking for to supplement our piano playing for the fall - terrific!

    This is a whole weeks worth of music making - I'm coming back, to go through it more slowly - you really came up with a lot of great instruments :)

  3. Great post! Love how your children got into playing the instruments at the store and then, you came home and they did their music work at home. That is awesome!
    We do something fun here that your children might enjoy...when we go to a store say for instance, Target or Cracker Barrel restaurant, my sons go and press the different songs on the CD kiosk they have set up in the store.
    Then, they do different things like they try to identify whether the music is classical or rock, hip hop or country, etc.
    They also like to play a game where I ask them to find a particular CD to play, or another game where I press a CD button and then, they have to identify it like name that tune.
    These activities are great if you have to wait in the store for any length of time, say if it is pouring down rain and you want to stay in the store longer or if you have to wait to pick up a prescription...
    Well, thanks for your great post and happy Monday:)

  4. This is such a great work plan! I love the instrument you chose!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I need to try those instruments with my son.

  6. I never would have thought of that type of pan flute. I was thinking of the different bottles with water in them.

    Now, I'm trying to remember the actual name of that instrument you bought, I think it's a dulcimer, but I'm not sure. I do know I love the sound of it.

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