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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

  Last week the toddlers spent their time in the staple of our classroom the "Practical Life Area" .  Some worked with some sensorial materials. The toddlers are focused enough now to sit for ten minute stories. They are super at picking works off the shelves. As soon as I present new works, they work with them. They enjoy the enviroment and take care of it as well. A parent looked at me in a bizarre way the other day when they saw the toddlers cleaning up the work area (never estimate the power of a multiage group, the olders model and the younger ones follow). This all happened while the parent and I continued our conversation. The mothers' response was I didn't know she could clean up after herself.  I am sorry for not giving notice, but yes "Kay" has been doing this for months now. Take a look at some of their activities
from last week.

                                                                  Practical Life
Open and Close.

Slicing watermelon attached by velcro.

Using whole hand to squeeze water from ketchup bottle.

Wet pouring.

Using broom and dustpan to sweep hay off the grammar farm table.


Sound -a-Puzzle

Sound cylinders.

Sorting pom poms by color.

        To see what other toddlers learning with montessori activities pop over to One Hook Wonder.


  1. I was missing a separated post about your toddlers. Those are a great guide for me. Thank you.

  2. You always have great activities! I just love them!


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