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Monday, August 9, 2010

Montessori Monday

      Unbelieveable how the kids are still working with focused concentration!! The weather has been beautiful here. They are sticking to the routine. I have been waiting on a moment to take a break, they won't give one. Am I complaining NO!! I am a bit tickled. Many will say that everybody needs a break, I guess if you are bored with what your doing. We are never bored here. We are happy and excited about all the new things that we are exploring and learning. Take a look.

                                                                   Practical Life

Nut chopping. Dry pouring. Wet pouring variation. Pin punching.


Working with moveable alphabet with spanish pink level series. Small group working on letter sound "m".


Small Bead Frame. Teen Board. Algebraic Trinomial cube.


Working with landforms. Tracing leaves in Botany Cabinet. Observing growth of a peanut plant. Working with Tree puzzle.


Working with Blue Knobless Cylinders. Blue Constructive Triangles 

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  1. One day we will get more traditional in our homeschool efforts and your blog will , undoubtedly, be of great help to us! Thank you.

  2. what work! so, why take a break when we have fun and we love it?!
    In fact, what is your name!???

  3. Thank you so much for the nice comments!!!

  4. Love all of the works you have out for your children. The land form trays look great. Did you purchase or make these? We have the landform cards and i bought bins to make the landforms out of clay, but really like the look of yours.
    Nice post!
    Also, read what you had listed for toddler Tuesday and it looks like you have some great works out for tiny tots, too.
    Have a great week:)


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