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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Storytellers Inc.

 The children here have been showing a lot of interest in acting out stories and fingerplays. So I asked them if they would like to do this type of thing in front of people, they all shouted yes and quickly begin brainstorming some wonderful possibilities about what they would perform and where they would perform. Out of this they have developed a wonderful group called Storytellers Inc. I begin brainstorming ways that I could guide them in the right direction. As I was looking for materials to help them I came across this at Barnes & Nobles.

The children were truly inspired when I showed them this.

This is published by the Now I'M Reading! series. It comes with the following.

                                        Read- along storybook, four masks, and five scripts.

            As they were browsing through the materials, they were saying how we can build the houses, make our own costumes. They were very excited! Everyone wanted to be a certain character. This is when I shared with them some of the ideas I had when I found this material. I said we all need to participate and here are some ways; Making the story prop materials, maybe we can present a lesson about how houses are built, and different houses around the world. They loved this idea. So now we have those who want to present lessons about homes, those who want to build homes, and those who still want to be a character. I ensured them that their hard work will pay off and we may perform this in front of different groups of people so everyone may get a chance to perform their favorite character.
                                                    So we are going to use other books to collect information regarding how houses are built, and about different houses around the world. I have printed off classification cards for the parts of the house like the living room, bedroom , kitchen. I also purchased this Parts of a House work from Montessori services.

The cards.

Front of the replicard

back of the replicard.
            I still need to find the materials for our props but I am loving their creativity and how I am able tie in many learning opportunities for the children, The toddlers are able to help with the making of the props, the preschoolers will be encouraged to want to read and the schoolagers are doing research. I have gotten  a positive response from my childrens' school that they would allow us to do a monthly performance. Our parents can't wait to see the performances. We will officially begin our new endeavor the second week of September and hope our first performance will take place the latter part of October. All of my school age children return to school on September 7th. They all attend the same school and return back to me when school is dismissed, this is a wonderful opprtunity for them to still be exposed to the montessori method daily.


  1. What a cool find. I don't know if my kids would be up for that, but that is super cool.

  2. This sounds briliant.... I was looking at our three little pigs and goldilocks books and wondering if they might be good ones to use to try a more formal 'play' with the children.... I will enjoy watching your progress!!

    jen x

  3. Its wonderful how drama can involve everyone with different it when the children get inspired to do research on their own. My little ones did Rumplestiltzkin (forget how to spell that :)a couple of years ago...they all took turns playing the different parts.


  4. Thank you for stopping by and recommending the Language Lessons. I had no idea they even existed! I've been sort of doing little of everything randomly but it would be nice to connect them together like the packaged curriculum.

  5. eli is alwways talking about mrs.t even at his new school that is starting to use the montessori method i see all the kids are doing well

    love miss r

  6. Miss R, Please give Eli a big hug and a kiss from us!! We miss him too.


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