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Friday, August 6, 2010

Three Times Around The Sun

                          Today we had a birthday celebration at school. Jamesha turned three years old. Jamesha brought in cupcakes to share with her friends. I haven't did the Montessori Style birthday celebration with the kids yet. Today I improvised with the Land/Water globe, she did her walk with grace and a smile. Jamesha blew out the candle and the fun begin.

                              Here are some pictures of Jamesha doing some of her favorite works.


Slicing "food".

Making a ladybug cookie.

Dry pouring using the funnel.

Pin punching a butterfly.

Jamesha in the past months has spent a lot of time in the practical life area. Recently she has become more interested in the World Puzzle Map.

Pin punching North America.

Jamesha has been a very good teacher for me. Jamesha has taught me how following the child is the best way to interact, educate, and grow companionship with a child. I say she taught me this because when I first started montessori activities she wasn't part of the "lesson plans".  I figured she was two years old, how could I possibly get her to sit for a presentation. Jameshas' persistence, curiosity in the materials, and absorbent mind changed all that. Jameshas' two year old friends became happier, and Jamesha has become a leader and really dosen't have a clue that she is. I love her for this and she will always have a special place in my heart.  Thank you Jamesha!!

Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jamesha! Thanks so much for sharing all of her accomplishments. Beautiful little girl too!


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