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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super Stretchy ABC Game

 This is a very exciting game to play with children of all ages who are interested in letters. It encourages letter name recognition as well as letter sounds. I found this on clearance at Target for $8.00. The Dr.Seuss Super Strechy Game comes with a alphabet mat, coins that have the uppercase letter on one side, and the picture the letter starts with on the other side. The coins help to make it a matching game. I set it up on the shelf for this purpose. It is actually a sort of twister game, but this is how I made it montessorish for the kids.

When I presented this to the children who were interested I called the letter sound and said the name of the picture that I pulled out of the bag. I showed them that they could use the letter to match or use the picture to match. I would pass a coin to a child.

                                              Here they are really focused as a small group.

The completed work.

This work with three children took them about a half an hour. They enjoyed doing this work as a group and really helped each other out, This was great for me because there were times that I had to really bite my tongue from saying "there it goes".  I had fun too with this work. They were excited, afterwards we read Dr. Seuss ABC. The children work independently with this work now. One child asked another child to keep their voice down, the child said she was trying to concentrate, I smiled what a big word, and used correctly by a three year old.

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