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Sunday, May 23, 2010

From Lemons To Lemonade

My kids are still questioning me about Where Do Things Come From? So I pulled out a lemon out of the refrigerator and asked them " What do you think you can make with this"? They smiled and laughed and replied "Lemonade". So this is what started out our weekend that led to lots of fun.

Here they are slicing the lemons and juicing them.

Their adding sugar to the pitcher, water, and making ice cubes with the lemonade"
Now conversation has built up to "ooh we should have a lemonade stand ", " decorate it with flowers", and  "sell lemonade"

Here are some pictures of their flowers set up to change colors. They always remind me that this shows how roots do their job. They try to do this whenever their are fresh flowers around.

 Now its time to set up the lemonade stand. First we started at home, no visits. Then my husband said "why don't you  go to the park".  So we packed up all of our supplies and headed for the park. They were smiling again. This is the first park and it didn't have much action going on . So we decided to go to another park.

 Slam dunk!! My children were able to have a very productive lemonade stand. Here they are showing other children how to make" Fresh Squeezed Lemonade".

  Here are some pictures of our proud participants in action.

  The weather was just perfect today, it was hot so we were able to rescue a lot of thirsty kids today. I mean who can resist FREE Fresh Squeezed Lemonade?

 After leaving the park my kids had to feed the geese as well. Thanks for stopping by now head over to Adventures In Mommydom to see what other children are doing for science sunday.


  1. I love it when children teach others what they know! The pictures in the park of the other kids learning from your kids are just too darn cute for words! Nothing like reinforcing the skills learned!

  2. What a wonderful day for them! An added experiment you could add in, take two lemons the same size and roll one of them on the counter between your hand and the counter. It's supposed to make it produce more juice when you squeeze it. I've never measured to make sure, but it'd be interesting to try.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I'd say you have some budding entrepreneurs on your hands- next lesson on saving :)


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