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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exploring Nature

The kids wanted to go on a nature hunt. We packed up our tools to begin our discovery.  I noticed that they have a high interest in trees, flowers,and leaves.They had their butterfly net, bug catching equipment, when the butterflies appeared they just watched and smiled . They didn't want to try to catch them, I asked them why?  They both agreed that they wanted the butterflies to be happy flying, not in the net. They were really intrigued about how the branches were growing on the tree above.

DJ is tyring to catch some snails with the fish net. No luck, but did get some snail shells.

Ken found a tree that had a lot of sap inside.

Having fun with tree branches,and smelling the roses.

 With the nature objects that they collected we made solar prints. Notice the cars,  DJ insisted that they be part of our nature study.

They also did a experiment and  planted grass seeds for a bottle garden. We really don't know how this will turn out. The kids said "if we water it, and  it gets sunlight, and air the grass seeds should grow". I guess I'll have to wait to find out.   To see other science projects or experiments that other children are doing visit Adventures In Mommydom  for Science Sunday.


  1. What a fun walk and projects after. I love the cars! My oldest is an "anything with wheels" boy too.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on the Sink/Float? experiment. Yes, Yn is one HAPPY kid! I admire him for this although he annoys me sometimes :D I was almost convinced that no one really cares about the personal Profiles. I don't have anything about myself written on it. Who would wanna know about me? But you just proved me wrong. I've been looking like crazy to know who is this lovely person who leaves me nice comments.

  3. I'll echo Christy's comments, that's a great nature hunt.
    Is that actual solar paper, or is it construction paper?

  4. wow, what a great day out door exploring. Love the solar prints, they turned out nice. They're lucky to have such a great teacher.

  5. I love the addition of cars to the nature hunt! I'd also like to know if you used solar paper or just construction paper to make the prints.


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