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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

The toddlers were very excited about some of their new works on the shelf. I explained that it is very important that we return our work back to the shelf the same way that we found it. They were very receptive of this and begin to do this repeatedly, completing their work cycles. This child  made this a pincer grasp activity after I presented this work with tweezers, she wanted so much to use this work. I think she did a fantastic job of making this work her own. All of the toddlers I watch very closely with choking objects such as beads, they have not tasted this items but use them for the intended purpose. The language area is a popular place with them. He is working with the first words touch and feel cards. His favorite is jelly everytime he touches it he says "sticky". Dry pouring was used quite a bit. I noticed that maybe I should introduce sweeping very soon, when the beads spilled they wanted to go get the broom to clean up the spill. Collaging was a new task for them. They were focused and and spent a lot of time doing this it was wonderful seeing them engaged with using the brush for applying the glue and sticking the different colors on. We explored the topic of insects. They  loved "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle  I was somewhat worried about their attention span, but it worked as I was able to read the book with great verbal expression. They  laughed  when I changed my voice, before the story was over they were chiming in, this was a good book experience for them all. One child went to the book and begin to point and "read" as she following with her finger. I say the highlight was making  ladybug cookies. we talked about the parts of the insects and they decorated their very own cookies . They really enjoyed this and I am looking forward to incorporating them into using the snack table independently. They love eating I am afraid that they will spend all of their work time in this area.  The toddlers are very high spirited and inspirational group for me everyday I continue to stay busy with my task which makes my duty never boring. Thank you for allowing us to share, now pop over to OneHookWonder to see what other toddlers have been doing.

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