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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Montessori Work With One Year Olds

I have also been implementing the montessori method with the one year olds as well. Here are a couple pictures of them with montessori materials working with my assistant.This is "Eli" working with the coin box. The coin box helps with hand eye coordination.
 This is "J" working with the toddler peg imbucare box. This allows the child to learn how to fit things in little holes.This equipment also helps in my observation with helping them to feed themselves. Here is "Eli" feeding himself chicken nuggets."Eli" I have been caring for since he was two months, he turned one in February. "J" has been with me since she was four months, she turned one in April. I am really looking forward to watching them grow using the montessori method. They enjoy it when they see the materials they quickly stop what their doing and sit with great anticipation to stay our day.

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  1. Our therapist has our daughter (15 MO) do the pegs, but the coin box looks interesting as well. I wonder if I can make something homemade that is similar...I think I will give it a try. I am going to look for a peg set for her as well. Gestationally she is only 13 MO, and she is a bit delayed due to illness. The Montessori method seems to be something she could strive with. Thanks for the posts!


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