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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zodiworks, Works For Me!!

 First of all let me start by saying this is not a review. I just want to share this exciting new reading program that a couple of my children have been using and have made giant leaps in reading overnight. Zodiworks is written by Montessori Mama and Robin Jettinghoff. The books are great !! The program comes with  six books that increase in difficulty. Each hardcovered book has its own set of phonic objects that go along with the story that can be kept in its' own handmade bag. The program comes with activity cards, as well as word cards . The word cards can help the child label the phonic objects and make sentences. Also the stories integrate sight words, that have helped the children that have been using this to feel confident about reading. Also let me mention each story has finger puppets that go along with it. They are having lots of fun reading. In  fact all I have heard from the two children is "Mrs.T this is really nice work, can I take this home".  After a few days of observing the children I called back and spoke with Robin about purchasing their wordless readers. They haven't been completed yet. A bummer for my toddlers, but nevertheless they have enjoyed the olders reading the stories and acting them out with them. There is so much that this program has to offer. By the way Ian was very attentive to my many phone calls, and questions that I had. I have for many years worked with Hooked On Phonics, and Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons, these programs did work for the goal to be able to read. Zodiworks adds excitement and fosters the love of reading . Here are a few pics of the children working with "Sam" book #1


  1. Thanks for the... non-review. I want to get this, but I didn't know it was available yet.

  2. Hi Tierry,

    Thank you for your comments. How exciting to see someone else write about this! I love the picture with the sandpaper letters and the objects. Just what we were hoping would happen. Thank you. If people are having trouble getting in touch with us at, please let them know they can e-mail Ian for sales questions at and me for anything else at, and of course, Jennifer (Montessori Mama) can also be contacted at Also, if any of your kids want to know more about Sam, they can find out at zodiworks>zodi for kids > Sam's Dog Blog. They can write Sam about what they have been doing with letters and words at

    Thank you again. I am so glad the product was everything you'd hoped it would be.

    Best Regards, Robin Jettinghoff, Zodiworks.

  3. YES! Thank you for sharing about the success of Zodiworks in your classroom! I personally really appreciate it. Your blog is wonderful too by the way, I'm a new follower! I will be linking to you via Montessori Mama.
    Love Jennifer


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