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Monday, May 10, 2010

Montessori Monday

Last week was a bit different all week children were ill. Unfortunately most of the children here have some sort of allergy or asthsma. Living in Michigan dosen't help it one bit . One day its sunny, the next day it is cold and rainy, thats' Michigan weather cycle in spring. Here are some works that the children managed to work on when they were here.  The vegetable peeler tray was very interesting to observe the children working with. All of the children that chose this work some how begin to carry private conversations with themselves. The topics range from what they were going to make, or what they did at home, very interesting. Mirror polishing was a super popular work, most of the children that chose this work stayed focus for a long period of time, and then would go back to this work again. This is a world animal puzzle that these two children worked on cooperatively together. The lifecycle of the Ladybug work was also chosen frequently, I  found these cards at  OneHookWonder . These cards inspired the children to work with the ladybug puzzle. I really like this puzzle because it is just a four piece puzzle so it allows the children to identify the body parts easily. This is what I have for pictures for this group this week. Stay tuned because today they have been ready to work, and asking for more. To see with others did with their children using the montessori method visit OneHookWonder

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