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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since all of the children have a shared interest in animals I  gave the lesson on plant vs animal sorting. This work consists of different pictures of animals and plants, with labels of the headings as well as the definition that shows the difference between the two. I purchased these cards from montessori for everyone. The response was incredible as each child came over to see how much fun the child I was presenting was having, so this turned into the "work" that everyone wanted to do, which led into a lesson waiting for our turn. We made a graph of "What animal would you like to be?" and shared why. We did a participation story Why Am I Small? this was about a meerkat discovering his special skills and learns to appreciate his size. The children today did a uniterrupted work period of one hour today. This is the first for us, and it is the first week I can say I have been able to follow each child. I have been very concious of why I am  putting this work on the shelve, who am I trying to follow and present this work for. I have created a mental picture where I can see a name tag right next to it. So far the child that I have been thinking about for that work has enjoyed it when I showed it to them on the shelves. I am still trying to work on being more observant, and using a quieter voice.

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