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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Materials/Inspiration

 We  received our new materials today. This order was purchased at Alison's Montessori  I really like the quality and the cost to ship was exactly the right price for a purchase that was not in the budget, but needed. I have a child who has been ready for the teen board for a couple of weeks now. The insect puzzles were purchased for what soon will be a introduced  lesson in zoology also the ladybug lifecycle was a must for the price. I already have the butterfly lifecycle models. I also think for my younger group that having the models will give them an advantage in a pictoral way. My five year old son was just as excited about this arrival as I was. He asked if he could do the ladybug puzzle I said yes, and thirty minutes later here is what he had done.  He had traced the body of the ladybug puzzle, colored it, wrote four complete sentences about why he liked ladybugs. On top of that he made a lifecycle diagram of the ladybug with the words. This is truly inspiring to me to know that having the right materials for children can just take them to levels of" I am bored"to "I want to do that work" and without a "lecture".Yes, my son and I have had the privilege of observing  insect lifecycles before,but its' good to know that some of that knowledge is still there. This time we will take it up a notch because if you don't use it,you may lose it.

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