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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

 This week we have enjoyed some wonderful earth related activities. I have a this  to share today.
 Since the children enjoyed the the language activity Where Do Things Come From? I decided to put together a paper making work. The supplies are in the picture, the water bottle is filled with warm water the child fills the bottle with recycled paper and shakes it until it turns into pulp.This is a way not to have to use  the blender so you won't need adult supervision like you do with the blender. First you fill your blender with water and recycled paper. Next you blend the paper to make the pulp. Then pour the pulp into the dishpan and stir it, add water unti it looks like porridge. Now the fun part place the plasic mesh tray with one of the screens on the bottom in a angle in the dishpan get enough pulp so that it is spread evenly on the tray . Place the other screen on top and shake off the excess water. Last place your paper on a cloth remove the screens and wait for it to dry. This activity was a great hands on experience, and  the children have continued to wait for their turn. The last picture shows how this work was set up on the shelf. We have done plenty earth related activities I will post about later.The Earth is just what these kids love to talk about. So thanks for reading I will be linking this activity at HomeschoolCreations where you can see what others are doing with their preschoolers.


  1. We made paper one time too, but I used the blender. Did they actually shake it up enough for it to work?

  2. Yes. They (the kids) had no problem, they were allowed to walk around while they were doing the bottle shaking. This way it didin't feel like they were really "working".


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