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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler Tuesday

  The ages that  I care for range from six months to twelve years old. Here are some works from the toddler group. They are finger painting using yellow and green they liked how it felt on their fingers. I had to quickly wash hands because they really wanted to touch everything after this. This toddler is reciting "Five Speckled Frogs". Its always a winner when I add the props to the oral poem or story, sometimes they even end up retelling their own.  I know she shouldn't be standing on a chair, but what do you do when their right about to put the smallest cube on top?This child almost got this one without any assistance at all.(By the way I did redirect her to the carpet with a mat.) Color box #1  She is matching, and not at all interested in knowing the names yet. Well this is just a glimpse of how our toddlers have been learning the montessori way. I am heading over to read what others are doing with their toddlers at onehookwonder

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