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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sprouting Seeds

One of our do it yourself projects this week was a "Sprouting Seeds" work. On the shelf were the supplies needed and a picture of each direction. I found this in the Plant series by Evan Moor. The Plant theme is geared toward prekindergarten which makes it even easier to break things down for those who may need that. The child simply completes the four steps and places it in the container. Now we are observing our lima beans and hope to record the growth. By the way Evan Moor has other themes for prekindergarten the units come with lots of creative ideas and activities in all areas. I have used all of them in the past. They also come with storybooks to print. Each child eventually did this "Sprouting Seeds" work, others even explored the bean by taking them apart.


  1. I love this idea! I have been looking for some type of bean sprout activity to do with Selena.

    By the way thank you for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to following you and seeing more of what you are doing!

  2. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I admire Montessori approach - I wish we had more times for hands-on activities like these ones. I am also going to try this out.

  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. We will have to try this.

  4. we did ziplock gardening this week with my girl scout troop. wetting a paper towel and putting the sides in it and then into a paper towel.


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