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Monday, April 12, 2010

Montessori Monday

 Last week the children and I had our "Big Talk" we talked about the things we all like and what we would all want to know more about.The discussions all  turned to one thing, the things we like most about our Earth. Flowers and animals were repeated the most. I went and brought a bouquet of flowers. to initiate their work plan. I also purchased paper streamers , paper mache stuff. I began my pesentation of the layers of the earth, we did the earth layer matching cards, and parts of the flower puzzle with the 3 part cards. The children got great satisfaction from this group work. It now opened them up more to want to work with planet cards, the parts of the sun, the parts of the tree, and even the brown stairs that had not been touched in a long time by anyone. I must remember that allowing children to have decisions in their daily activities breeds tremendous results, everyday I will continue to prepare the enviroment for each childs' here and now.   Thanks to OneHookWonder andMommyMoment for allowing us to share.

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