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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Science Sunday: Perfume Laboratory Part 1

 The language activity "Where Does Things Come From?' has taken over. My children, the school children have all been asking me where do various things come from. My oldest daughter wanted to know exactly how you get perfumes from flowers. This time I happened to be one step in front of her and showed her this perfume laboratory kit that I have been waiting to use with my girls. The kit comes with well written instructions so this experiment she could do all by herself. The picture on the top shows the contents of the kit.
Here are the steps to perform the experiment.
First, {Extracting} you use the tweezers to put the base perfume samples into the syringe. Secondly {Separating }you fill up the little cup with 10ml of warm water and use the syringe to get 5ml of the water. Shake the syringe until the sample is just a soft mass of fibres. Thirdly{Filtering} wet a small pinch or cotton and put it in the syringe right over the spout, then pour in the perfume from the cup. The last thing is to put the syringe over the vial and pour the perfume into the vial, now label the vial with your own chosen fragrant name.
 I really was impressed with the smell of the perfume, maybe it's because my daughter made it. I am trying to figure out how to put this on the shelf next week for the children . I am sure they would love to give their mothers' some homemade perfume for Mothers' Day. My daughter is now working on making perfume from real flowers, and some potpourri . Stay tuned. Now go check out what others are doing with Science Sunday at Adventures in Mommydom.


  1. What fun! I would love to try this sometime, just for myself. I will have to book mark this post for when Selena gets a wee bit older.

  2. This would make a great project for the classroom! I'm sure the kids would love to do something like this for mother's day. Very fun.

  3. Oh man would my kids love this. I remember doing something similar in college, but it involved boiling the rose petals in water for a long time, but did it ever smell heavenly.

  4. This looks like a very neat activity for older kids. I am really trying to pace myself in science considering that daughter is only 3 now.


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