The Work Plan

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am in montessori teacher training with Karen Tyler Worlwide Montessori. I stumbled upon the montessori method while studying for my  degree in early childhood development. It has been a life changing experience for me. I am a licensed childcare group home provider , I have been doing this for eight years in my home. Well I haven't been able to stop montessori thoughts, montessori works, or the method from leaving my head. I have yet to complete my degree because I have been so invested into making the montessori method  a part of life for the children in my care, really now I don't see any other way but to follow the child and guide them through a prepared enviroment. So please join us in the great pursuit of "The Work Plan" that will help strengthen each childs' greatest abilities and find who I am as a Guide. This blog is a tool that I will use to monitor my observations of children and pray that I can contribute something to the study of child development that will lead to world peace. I am a wife to a very intelligent, patient man. I have three brilliant children who have all applied to be writers on this blog. So following the child is what I do. The oldest who is 12 years old  has been offered the job of book reviewer, her qualifications is a love for books, a sixth grader who has tested  to read at college level, and has already received her first college schloarship offer.  The middle child who is nine years old wants to be  the toy reviewer. You haven't seen a toy connoisseur until you meet her dosen't matter if its' a toy you have her interest, until the toy dosen't do what it has said it would do,  then it becomes return to sender. The youngest who is five years old is always looking for a challenge, anything you name it. He will help create our weekly challenge for the children that attend our school(daycare) here and anyone who reads this can participate in his weekly challenge.

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  1. This is a very nice blog. It is very unusual for me to blog or use any of the other social networking tools such as facebook, but your blog interests me and I hope to be able to participate as time allows. As you know, I have very full days.

    I did not know you specialized in using the Montessori method in your childcare center. You described how your children have greatly benefited from this method. What are the key Montessori principals?


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