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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Language Work

 Here is our "Bb" Sound Bin.
I have a sandpaper letter, I have an activity that the children can use with the moveable alphabet,the onethat has a picture of a bat on it. A Alphabet Tale "Bb" book. A sound Book. A sound card that I found on the blog Beautiful Sun Montessori. There are sound cards as well as sound objects. I also put a booklet of pictures of the sound that children can use to make their own sound book that I was able to create using the printables from Homeschool Creations.
This work allows the child to make use of The Moveable Alphabet. This work I found at Montessori Printshop. The child is using the sandpapers for the first time so he is excited. When I showed him this picture of him, he realized that the letter was upside down.Oh the power of observations!!!
I am a student of Karen Tyler at Worldwide Montessori. Mrs. Tyler has shown us how to create sound bins in the montessori classroom. I started using the sound bins yesterday. It was a huge success. Also I would like to thank MommyMoment for connecting me to other bloggers and ideas on montessori language works

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