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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Child Makes An Observation Outside The Classroom

On the way to TaeKwonDo Mumble made an observation. Mumble said look Ms. T the Constructive Triangles as he was pointing to a sign.

  Very close comparison!  Below are some pictures of Mumble working with the Constructive Triangles.

 I use the templates avaliable on Montessori Print Shop for the children to use as a guide to construct different shapes with this material. Here is an example of one, it is Mumbles' favorite shape to create with the Constructive Triangles.



  1. Hi! I loved your response to the spanking post on Home Grown Families. I'm really struggling with my little guy right now and would love your perspective either in a comment or even email (ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com):

    I love this post - one of my favorite things to do is observe children and take special notice of those moments when they make their own connections! I'm now your newest follower and have signed up for email so I don't miss anything.

  2. These are the moments we all hope for.....


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