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Friday, July 8, 2011


I wasn't garage sale hunting but I have a little girl in my life that loves dollhouses and she spotted this find while I was driving down the street. I don't know how she was able to notice this because when we parked the garage sale was so huge I still couldn't find it. For just $25.00 I got this ......

Yes it came with working lights and a few pieces of furniture. I probably could of gotten this cheaper, but it was hard for Ken to contain herself in front of the guy. Ken kept saying ooh and how nice it was and everything. LOL. It was a perfect opportunity to give her a lesson in bargaining and garage sale shopping. I have a golden rule I never pay for the asking price at garage sales this is the fun part to me, I love negotiating!! Any how the price he was asking was $40.00 . Kens' beautiful smile still helped in getting this price lowered. Now we have come up with some many ways of remodeling this to our liking. Ken said we should name this the Counting House since we already have a Grammar Farm. Ken suggested making the floor boards with hundred charts. The possibilities are endless!! Stay tuned to the postings "Remodeling" as we have been inspired to do a lot of creativity with our new find.


  1. Sooooo Cool! We have a dollhouse that is smaller then that. I cant wait to see what you do! Maybe I will steal your (or Ken's) ideas!

  2. Wow! congratulations!! It's beautiful and the price... awesome!! Perfect for grammar!!lol

  3. How fun!!I am a big tresuare's hunter : ) I have been wanting to go to check some garage sales but can you believe I haven't??We are a;ways so so so busy on our weekends that it makes it so difficult.
    Anyways..have fun with your new toy : )

  4. lovely indeed. The two of you are going to have a great time furnishing it.


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