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Monday, October 4, 2010


                                                  Do you remember Tie-Tie ?

                             Well Tie-Tie left this little old school this September to attend Kindergarten in a traditional school. Guess what ? Too advance had to be promoted to first grade. Way to go Tie- Tie!!
                                Tie-Tie parents couldn't stop thanking me for teaching their son so well. I kept sharing with them how the montessori method is following the child,etc.  I don't know if they were hearing me. So I am writing this to Tie- Tie I'm  pretty sure he will know what I mean.

                    Thank you for allowing me to follow you!!
I'll stop staring at you, I mean observing you until winter vacation, when we will have the opportunity to spend some more time together again!

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  1. now that's something to be proud of....sure you don't want to relocate to Richmond, Va?


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