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Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Choices: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day 4

Welcome! Thank you for joining us as we celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today I want to share with you some work that was avaliable to the children on the shelf for independent work. I am so thankful to Donna the author of for putting together this great resource pack that the children have learned so much from. Good Choices Sort. The children sort the pictures of examples of what would make Martin happy or sad. The illustrations on Martins' faces helped the children to be successful at this work. Also a recording sheet was avaliable which involved cutting and gluing. Sorting M,L,K, Sounds. This work was the most favorite among the children. They learned about the initials in their own names. So many learning possibilities with this work! Another recording sheet for the kids who love to cut and glue. Counting Friends. Matching the number to the friends on the card. They especially like using the number stamps to complete the recording sheet.
Ordering Sentences. They would glue the sentence in order, glue it on to a sheet of construction paper, and finish the sentence by drawing or writing, a real big hit.
Not all children did the recording sheets, but all of them did put their best foot forward with trying all of the activities. A wonderful theme this was for us. The children learned so much about Dr. King while having so much fun. The best thing about our celebration is that the children learned that they are peacemakers too!! Thank you for joining in our celebrations. Don't forget to come back Monday to see what else the children have been busy doing all week. Linking this post to the Preschool Corner hosted by

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