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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowflake Color Wheel

I found this cool idea by Sarah Ryder on Teachers Pay Teachers. I thought it was just the right thing for the kiddos. It has been long overdue for me to introduce new vocabulary to the children who have already mastered color box#1 , so I was super excited and inspired to put together this work Montessori Style.

With this work they will learn that the colors in color box #1 are primary. Here is the Primary Color Wheel that I will be using with the work. I purchased this from Montessori Print Shop, it came with the blackline masters that are also a part of this work along with three other color wheels.

 Here are the materials needed to complete this work. The snowflakes can be found on teachers pay teachers.
  This is how it looks when finished.

This is how I set it up on the shelf. The child will first color the snowflakes, if they wish they can use the wheel I provided as the guide, but the control of error are the markers I have provided. Then they use the scissor basket to cut out their snowflakes. Next they return the scissor basket and get a copy of the wheel(the copies are behind the master color wheel), the glue stick, and a table mat. Finally they glue and make their finished product.  There are a lot of steps but they are able to do it:)

 This activity suits the kids interest they love coloring, gluing and cutting. Next up color mixing! I already have plans to use our snowflake puncher to create the secondary color wheel. I think they are going to love this!!                       

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  1. What a great idea for using the color wheel with seasonal activities! Thanks so much for sharing!


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