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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Easy Peasy Valentines' Work: Montessori Monday

I am expecting two new three year old students this week! A lot of my children are ready for new lessons with the traditional Montessori materials. So my plan was simple add some valentine related work, and activities that my oldest children may be able to show the new students how to do. Roll-Count-Color this work is from The dice is in the cup with the markers. I haven't had an activity using dice in a long time. The children are going to love this.
Sorting hearts by color.
Using the pincer grasp to place the balls in the heart. I thought this was a good one to entice the newbies to want to join in the work period.
Dry pouring using a meauring spoon. This will be a new work for all. I particularly had Lil in mind who has been working with the Fraction Skittles. They'll all love seeing the sand take form of a heart.
Valentines' Card Making Tray. The point of interest is using the tape dispenser. They will use their name cards to aid in writing their friends' names.
The front and back of the cards.
The stickers they may use to decorate the cards with.
Stringing beads to make a bracelet.
Play doh. The point of interest is using a fondant roller with a handle.
To see other children inspired by the Montessori Method please visit for Montessori Monday.


  1. love every single of them! Thank you for sharing, I will be posting my feb. activities in the next two days..just need to take pictures of them.

  2. I really like the worksheet/game at the top. Can you give some specific directions on how to find it on the website? I got lost.

  3. looks like your kids will be busy :)

  4. The tape dispenser will certainly be a point of interest. My children had ours out today for a good hour. I need more tape, now! Great ideas!

  5. I like the dry sand pouring - we used popcorn today, but I just sourced some dry sand in multiple colours, so thanks for the reminder to use it!

  6. Your valentine trays are great! I just shared the card making tray on my blog with a link back to your post! You can check it out here Friday's High Five: Valentine Literacy Activities. I can't wait to do this activity with my preschooler! Thanks for sharing!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  7. Thank you, Lisa!! I hope your preschooler enjoys this activity as much as the ones did here.


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