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Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Have Dreams!! Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 3

Today we worked on making a class book about our dreams!! This will be the cover of our book. The children wanted to illustrate their work, which I kinda figured they would:) So I set up the collage tray of children around around the world, they really enjoyed doing this! Below is an example of one of the pictures. "I have a dream that my sister and me will always be bestfriends." The class book isn't complete because I will like to type out the sentences and then paste it to their work.
Here is the collage tray, using the brush to glue was also a point of interest of the collage tray.
I look forward to making more class books with the children. They were happy to be authoring a book! This exercise allowed them to understand that they are peacemakers like Dr.King and can have big words, and dreams as well. This idea was inspired by Donna the wonderful person who put together the cover of the book, she writes at Don't forget to come back tomorrow as I share with you a round up of activities that were on the shelf as we celebrated this great man of peace Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. This is such a wonderful activity! I updated my post from last year by adding your post photo and link:

  2. I love this idea! Do you have a cutting template or did you cut everything free hand ? :)


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