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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Report: Wednesday's Wonderful Work Period

Lots of hardwork going on!!

The Parts of The Flower cards being matched with the Flower Puzzle. Lil sensorially knows how to put this puzzle together, now she is learning to identify the parts by their name.                                                                        

 Living and Non-Living picture sort. Love the beautifully illustrated cards. This is one set of materials I never once thought about replacing. All the kids enjoy these cards. They can be purchased at Montessori For Everyone.
  Matching picture to picture animals that are found in North America.      
                            North America continent basket.
        Learning the names of the seven continents.
                                                          Knobless Cylinder work.
 Using the Moveable Alphabet to match begining sounds to objects.
                                Tracing Sandpaper Numbers.
            Scissor practice without lines as a guide.

         Coloring time with a pack of spanking new markers:) Gotta love fresh markers!!                                                                      


  1. I have been reading your blog for a while now - you all just have so much fun! What is funny about this particular post - my co-op children two weeks ago had an afternoon that seems to have mirror-imaged what your children are doing here :)

    The only difference - We had brand new metal insets, so it wasn't markers as much as the new shapes that entirely enthralled them.


  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment!! We do have fun. I love the idea of a co-op.

  3. I am so AMAZED they are in the groove even in the hot summer! Could you imagine of how a simple pack of markers can get the day going!


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