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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daily Report:Counting Planets,Moons,And Stars With A Number Line

Not many in attendance again today:( But this didn't stop Lil from taking advantage of more than usual one on one time with me. Lil said " I want to so some counting, some different kind of counting". I knew I had a activity that would keep her interested, I was just waiting on the right time.

 This activity came from Mother Goose Time curriculum.

       First she cut on the dotted lines.

Next she assembled the number line, because of prior experiences of working with materials like cards and counters this was very simple for her to do.
 It was so much fun watching Lil count objects with a breeze while learning a concept.

 Lil used the numbers to match with the strips.

     Also Lil used the number line to add the stars and the moons.
               Lil is always thrilled to take work home to show her mother.                                                                    


  1. That looks like a nice curriculum you found, you always amaze me how you can homeschool your kids and run a school at the same time!

  2. Nice product which helps kids to learn quickly about maths and planets.


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