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Monday, May 7, 2012

Animals Of The World

I found this puzzle at a Home Goods store, snatched it up and everything has now been about Animals, Animals, Animals.
It is a 45 piece puzzle, with slots to inserts the animals in their correct location. A perfect work for those children who love the continent puzzle and want a higher challenge. The children here have worked with the felt continent map as well as placing the animal figurines where they can be found in our world. This work adds another level before getting into habitats.

We have another work on our shelves that is helping with visual discrimination. It also is another activity that is helping the children to really learn where all these animals are from. I downloaded it from Montessori Print Shop                               

 It is a picture to picture matching. For some who may be able to read it is great because it has the names of the animals right on it too.
 The download came with all seven continents and animals. I placed a library envelope on the back of each one to hold the pictures. I am glad I did this because most of the children are doing more than one continent at a time.
This is how it looks on the shelf. This work also came with blank maps where the child must place the picture on the map using their own wits, of course to help them out they can use the maps shown in the photo as a control chart.                                                                                                                    
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  1. Great material!Animals of the world is a theme I will like to work with C soon. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Great materials! Thanks for sharing.
    Sara (Five Hazelnuts)

  3. I love studying animals of the world! The map you used was a great way to introduce the animals. And I always love the Montessori Print Shop materials. I featured your post and one of your photos in my Montessori-Inspired Zoo Animal Unit Study at


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