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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


To say that the children are in their sensitive period for language is a great understatement. For most they have been going through the sound boxes as quick as I can put them on the shelves. The alphabet box concept might work for us later once all begining sounds have been mastered by most. It was just difficult to keep sorting through for the ones who were looking for I Spy work. The boxes are grouped according to the group of sounds introduced. They like that it isn't so packed with letter works for a particular sound like our previous Sound Bins. One by one they line up waiting anxiously for their turn at the sound table with me.

Here is an example of a sound box.

After they have been introduced to the four sounds the objects go in the box for sorting. The children love bringing in objects that start with the chosen sound. The objects are placed in their individual sound basket.
Lil and Mr. E in the photo above are working with the R basket.
Lil's completed sound map. I wrote the words because she asked me to.

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