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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CHANGES..... And Some Animal Observations

Along with all of the rewarding experiences that go along with working alongside children there are some not so good things that come with it. One of the things is seeing some of my little friends leaving unexpectedly. It is hard for the children and I am not good at this at all. Unfortunately family circumstances change and well I just have to deal with it.

 On Friday two of our friends Lil and Jessica spent their last school day with us. It was sad for all, especially since these two kiddos have been with me for a very,very long time. Fortunately their mom and I are good friends so I will see them again just not during school time, not the arrangement their school friends will like.

As I was preparing mentally for their departure during the week I was called into being a Foster parent and possibly an adoptive parent. I have accepted this call and have been doing lots of paper work. I mean lots of paper work!!This process will not happen overnight but I will share with you that I have home visits lined up consecutively which has caused my absence on this blog.

For now the children have been enjoying a lot of sunshine and they have been taking advantage of any learning experience that comes their way.

Observing a tadpole.              
Mumble brought his camera to capture the moments he will like to remember here:)              

 Today some were very excited to touch and learn more about snakes, particularly Corn Snakes.
Others preferred to learn from the sidelines.

I was right there for support and supervision. I had parent permission for children to have any contact with the snake. All of the parents that I work with are really supportive and knew that DJ wanted to present some information to the children about his new pet snake. I took careful care in how the environment was set up for this presentation of his to take place. I know that snakes scare just as easily as some children may so I wanted him to do this one on one with the children. They had lots of questions, and much fun!!  
Now that school is out in our area I have some schoolagers who are here.  If you have been reading my blog for a while they are familiar faces. I also will start two new students next week. Yes, it is very busy here, especially since I am a homeschooling mother as well.  I have designed a Summer Camp that is going to be so much fun and guess what each week the kids get to decide what the theme of the week will be. I have also been asked to help children whose learning for whatever reason hasn't progressed much since they were with me:( So get ready to see the Golden Beads, Montessori Language works, and all the good stuff  that falls in between.  Next week  it is all about routine, peace table, presentations for some. I am going to have fun this summer. Most importantly just live one day at a time !!

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  1. This is one of the wonderful aspects of Montessori education. It really captures the interest of the child and motivates learning, unlike most traditional settings where they don't seem to have enough time to incorporate such awesome natural activities. I love the tent!

    Kyle Sadler


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