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Friday, June 24, 2011

The White Belt

My kids had their first Taekwondo class this week. They are really loving it and looking forward to going three times a week. The first class was not brand new to me. When I first started doing daycare in my home nine years ago my preschoolers, schoolagers and I participated in Taekwondo long enough to earn our yellow belts. Transportation was an issue so we had to stop. My children were excited to wear their new uniforms, and wear their white belts. The White belt is given to students who are not knowledgeable of Taekwondo, so the color white symbolizes innocence. They loved learning to count to four in korean, how to enter the room, and learning some new moves. Here are some pictures.

                                                        Warming up

                      Learning new moves.

 They are now wanting to know more about the the Korean culture. I have a request to make Korean counting cards. They want to be able to count in Korean so they can still practice correctly at home. Does anyone know if the counting cards are already avaliable on the internet? The help will be greatly appreciated!!                                                        


  1. I don't think there are, but I do Tang Soo Do, which is another Korean martial art, so if you need the specific spelling on the terminology, I can look it up on my manual. :)

  2. wish I could help. how wonderful that your kids have such an interest that they are requesting to learn. love that!

  3. Thank you for the help ladies!! I bet if I stop looking for it I'll find it :)
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