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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Montessori Print Shop Teaching Manuals

I am so appreciative right now!!  Friday I decided to take a look at some of the teaching manuals that Montessori Print Shop has at their store. I was really impressed when I glanced over the samples. I jumped for joy after I purchased them and got to read through them all. Let me just share this, these manuals say Primary but I still can use them for homeschooling DJ(7) and Ken (10). If you are a visual learner like myself you will appreciate the pictures that accomodate the steps when presenting a lesson. Save yourself the drama of worrying about if you are doing everything right. All you have to do is practice the presentations, prepare the materials. By the way each lesson has a direct link to the Montessori materials avaliable at Montessori Print Shop.  I purchased the Language, Sensorial, and Math manuals and I am very pleased with the quality. It just took me an half an hour to print the Sensorial manual it has 100 pages of lessons and background information in regards to the subject at hand. I feel good!! I now have a set of manuals that I can use with my preschoolers as well as my elementary children.

 Here is the Sensorial Manual ready for me to just bind together.

Well I am off to go finish printing my new manuals. Have a great week!!

Disclaimer: This is entirely my opinion. I was not asked by Montessori Print Shop to do a review, I was not compensated in any way. I just wanted to share one of the coolest resources that has made my life as a preschool teacher and homeschooling mom a lot easier. 


  1. I'm using the same albums and I'm very pleased with them ;-)
    Have a great time with your manuals ;-)


  2. I'm just getting started on them and I'm loving them so far! It's a great (and economical) way to get Montessori guidance in a homeschool. LOVE IT! :)


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