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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Signs Of Fall

As we are easing back into our montessori work time we are also taking advantage of what changes are happening around us outside. Instead of coloring inside the children looked for things outside to possibly draw on paper.

  They really liked making tree rubbings.

        Enjoying the sounds of outside while coloring.

   Picking up leaves and noticing that they are changing colors.

  Matching a crayon to an object of the enviroment.

 I really can see how much the children have grown. Our first nature walk of Fall last year was a lot of me pointing things out to the children. Not this time around they had their eyes wide open.

Note to Self: I don't remember having crayons and paper for the children to use last year on our walk . Ahh! The importance of  a  Prepared Enviroment.                                                            

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