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Friday, December 28, 2012

Stick With Me:)

I have been really focused on our Practical Life area since reading the classroom manual that I have received for my training.  What I have learned so far( I still need to reread the manuals and study) is that I was definitely wrong about the group of children that I work with being normalized. For the most part many of them are in the second phase of normalization. They will choose activities all work period, but choosing to go in depth with one material at a time they are not doing. That is O.K, because I can do something about it.

One of the blessings of going through training is having a album that I can understand. We haven't nearly scratched the surface of practical life activities. They really still do need these activities to help foster their independence, deepen their concentrations skills, and strengthen those fine muscles that indirectly prepare for all areas of environment. 

While checking my inventory with the suggested activities in the album I was really discouraged. It isn't that I haven't acquired these items, there not in top notch shape as they should be. My goal is to have activities available that follow the interest of the child, and are so beautiful that they want to touch it. Beauty that calls them back for more!

I would love to be able to go online and order all of the beautiful Montessori Practical Life materials that are available, but that is not economically possible. I have found really good sales at Home Goods, World Market and Target that if prepared well can do the job too.

 What's in the basket?

  • A napkin ring for 99 cents from Target
  • child size fork, spoon, knife, spreader and whisk from World Market all for $4.00
  • Package of four linen napkins for $5.00 at Home Goods
  • A table mat for $1.78 at Target
  • Mortar/Pestle for $3.99
  • Two charger plates for 99 cents a piece from Target
I have somewhat of an idea what I will use them for, but I will share later once the mission is complete:)

Cups and saucers for the snack table just $12.99 from World Market. I love that they are color coded, it allows for me to assign a color to a child until washing dishes is done correctly by all of the children.

            Hand washing set I put together for just $15.00 at Home Goods.

If you went online and compared the prices from the popular Montessori Sellers you can see that I saved big time, not including the shipping fees. See having a Montessori environment doesn't have to be expensive to set up, just prepared!

I hope you will feel inspired to create and share some practical life fun with the children in your life!!

I am going to be documenting my training along the way. You may not see children in the pictures as much as you have in the past, but if you follow along you will be able to see the process it takes to have an Montessori inspired environment from the perspective of a student going through Montessori teacher training.




  1. Finally have a few minutes to check out my favourite blogs! So excited for you that you are taking your training and looking forward to your future posts.

  2. It is good to hear from you!! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. That set of cups and saucers is gorgeous. I love it! Now that I have two small children, I appreciate the convenience of online sellers, but I miss the days when I was able to spend as long as I wanted browsing World Market, Target, and many other stores for small treasures. It was like a sport! It looks like you're quite good at it :)

    1. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I find that perfect item for the classroom:)

      Shopping online is very convenient!! I have often lucked up on sales online and it felt like I hit the jackpot.

      I appreciate all the comments that you leave on both my blogs, I can't tell you enough how truly bless it makes me feel how supportive you are to me and my family!!

    2. I of those simple things on finding some treasures for our in home classroom makes my day happier :) I got my husband hooked up too. Everytime we looks for treasures he knows exactly what to pick for our activities.


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