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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Polishing Wood

My daughter Ken inspired this work on the shelf that has quickly become a big hit with the children. On Christmas my daughter received a couple of dollhouse furniture sets. After Ken finished playing with the sets she would polish them. When I observed this I quickly put a work together for the children.

 So much new vocabulary has been used since the introduction of this work. Even our Living Room Classified Cards have been pulled off the shelf. I like how this work is reaching quite a few other areas as well. Some have been counting the chairs and the drawers. My oldest in the primary group asked me " How did I make this". I shared with her that I brought it from Hobby Lobby who got it from a person who makes things out of wood, who got it from someone who cuts wood. "Well" she said "Where did the wood come from" and we preceded to talk about trees.

  I placed all of the necessary materials in the box. This is how it looks all put together, ready for another child's use.

This is by far my best Practical Life work yet.  

Thank you Ken!!                                                                  


  1. That is SO LOVELY! And SO attractive!

    I can't think of more words right now, so I'll have to silently gush ;)


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