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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To Use A Telescope: Observing Clouds

So much fun to be had this time of year!  For those who wanted to observe the clouds this afternoon I set up a telescope for them to be able to get a closer view.

Notice the step stool:) It is just one of the many things I learned to always look at since discovering the Montessori Method, things should be at a child's height. Step stools offer this outlet when other things can't be manipulated to fit the need. 
 They loved to practice zooming in and out.
 They paid close attention to my words when I said do not point the telescope at the sun!
 In the end they all felt like they were old pros at using the telescope.

We picture walked through this book before going outside, and finding the clouds talked about for ourselves.                                                                        


  1. How cool is that! They look so grown up.

  2. This is such a great idea!!! What kind of telescope do you use, and how do you like it?? I am not fond of ours and am looking for a new one.

  3. I purchased this telescope at the thrift store, I think it is a Tasco brand. It was easy for the kids to use, my children seven and up can set this up all by themselves. I don't know much about telescopes, but you can see the sky clear with this one.

  4. So nice to see them all enjoying some fresh air. Telescopes are so cool!


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