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Monday, March 12, 2012

Learning With Maddux(Sensorial Works): Montessori Monday

Maddux's  latest interests are in the sensorial materials.

The Knobbed Cylinder Blocks maintain his concentration for hours. He has had presentations on all four blocks. Maddux loves to grade them all by sizes, mixes them up to put them all back in the proper places. The language he has acquired is outstanding, I enjoy to hear his voice say width( so cute).

 Maddux spends quite a bit of time with the Brown Stairs and Pink Towers. He knows how to get a crowd around his work, amazing designs he can come up with.

Maddux also spends a great amount of time with the Knoblesss Cylinders. His favorite color is yellow as of the moment so that is his favorite set to work with. Like the Brown Stairs and Pink Tower he comes up with many extensions of his own.

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