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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter !!

We have had a lovely time celebrating the coming of Easter Sunday. My kids and I enjoyed a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt and enjoyed coloring eggs.

                                   The Easter Egg Hunt

  I had more pictures of this event. I can't find them. DJ is in the blue coat with the hood, Ken is in the red coat, and Michelle is in the black coat picking up eggs.

                                               Coloring Eggs

 We  added a new twist to our egg coloring this year by spinning eggs in this machine I purchased at Target.

  The kids say they like coloring the eggs the "old fashion" way the best.

Happy Easter From My Family to Yours !!!




  1. Did you just "run into" Easter Bunny walking down the street? :) YOUR family is gorgeous! Happy Easter.

  2. You have a beautiful family!

    I hope that you had a Blessed and Happy Easter!


  3. Adorable blog award is waiting for you :-)
    You can check it out here:

  4. Lovely kids! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter.


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