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Monday, April 4, 2011

Montessori Monday

 The pictures I chose to take last week are examples of how our work period starts off. All the children start off with one of their favorite easier works before going straight to what we call "big works". 

 Jamesha loves coloring and was pleased to find out that Praying Mantises can also be pink, her favorite color.

 Do a Dot markers all time favorite. Lil is dotting the number four. No tracing just a blank piece of paper. Lil will be turning four years old in July and she is very excited about her birthday party she will have this year.

                   Using stickers to decorate a paper bag.

                Painting a rainbow on cloud paper.

                                Transferring water using an eyedropper.

 Visual Discrimination activity. Z is copying the picture with eggs onto the big picture of the basket. It is actually harder than it looks, Z is good at this though. This is a Time for Tots product.

 Waiting to clean up anything to use the table broom and dustpan.

                                              Folding paper.

Practing one to one correspondence, everyone enjoyed this work throughout the week.

To see other children doing activities inspired by the montessori method please visit One Hook Wonder.


  1. I love the visual discrimination activity and dotting the number. Fun! My son calls his big works "challenging works". So cute!

  2. I really like the visual discrimination activity too. And the one to one correspondence. My girls would love that.

  3. You just reminded me that I have been wanting to re-try paper folding with Elle. Thanks:-)



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