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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Have Nymphs!!

On Monday our Praying Mantises Egg hatched! The number of nymphs we have is estimated at least 50. The kids were really excited to observe these little creatures. It is going to be amazing to watch these creatures became  fully developed Praying Mantises. We have talked about how some babies don't look like their parents but as time grows the characteristics develop. As descibed by Lil " They look like ants". I totally agree with her observation.

 Of course we have been learning about the life cycle of these helpful insects. Here is Jessica matching the life cycle models to the picture.

This is what the work looked like when Jessica completed it.

I purchased the cards from Alison's Montessori. I love the way the cards turned out, especially after I mounted them onto cardstock. Here is a close up of the work. They are three part cards,a control chart, and a blackline master was included for the children to label and color in the images of the life cycle.




  1. Oh wow. I'd intended to get those, and hadn't done it. Now I'm really sad I didn't.

  2. Awesome!! We're raising painted ladies, monarchs, lady bugs, and praying mantis' at the moment. No nymphs yet though.

    Love the cards. I'm going to have to check them out.


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