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Friday, April 1, 2011

We Love Bugs!!

We have been learning about different kinds of bugs. Next week we will be learning about the parts of insects. I can clearly see that the childrens' level of comprehension has increased. Last year we touched a bit on the body parts but mostly they were learning the difference between the insect and spider, some things about ants, names of some insects and they LOVED,LOVED,LOVED learning the life cycle of the butterfly. I am excited for their growth in this subject matter, and planning some activities. We will be learning new songs about bugs. We will study a different insect a week until they want to learn more about other things in the subject of zoology.

For some the lightbulb turned on for them while reviewing Living and Non- living objects.

                Observing how insects move. Lil is observing roly polies "playing".
   They have been enjoying matching object to picture with this specimen work.

Studying bugs (insects) is lots of fun when you have a group of children who are all interested in wanting to know more. Luckily there is a endless supply of resources to keep this subject exciting.


  1. Great Bug work! I love the insects that are in the glass. Those are really cool!

  2. Great idea!!!! and beautiful materials!!! I let you an award on my blog!!!.... because you're an inspiration for me!!!
    Big Hugs,


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