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Monday, May 23, 2011

Butterfly, Butterfly Fly, Fly Away ( A Counting Poem)

Our caterpillars are now beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies two survivived the process of metamorphosis and are fluttering around in their house, and our classroom. I found a great counting poem on Spell Outloud she made a printable for free download from the Barney song Butterfly, Butterfly Fly, Fly Away. The children love this poem and the tune is so fantastic that they all quickly memorized it. The counting is awesome and they are noticing that they are taking away butterflies:) Also if anyone has any doubts that the Montessori Method does not allow pretend play, I think this poem with the poetry basket will change a few opinons. Of course you must take into consideration that the children have been actually observing the butterflies and learning a lot about these beautiful insects along the way.

                                          Our Poetry Basket
                             I use an easel to display the poem.

   A close up of the objects; A door, tree ,googly eyes and five butterflies.

Andrew working with our poetry work. He is reciting this poem by memory. The numbers he is able to recoginze that are on the printable and offers as a cue for him when he gets excited and forgets what number he is on.

Andrews' favorite part of the poem is singing Butterfly, Butterfly Fly, Fly away. Here he is acting this part out.

                               Putting away the last butterfly.

 The children have been enjoying holding the butterflies......

           And watching them flutter around the classroom.



  1. Andrew putting away that butterfly is an amazing experience for him to have... so cool! Our butterflies just came out of their chrysalis too and our kids are enjoying observing and writing about them!

  2. Love the pictures! My daughter would love to have a butterfly...right now she is crazy about looking for insects whenever we go outside! I left you an award on my blog
    I love your blog! Take care!


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