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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Learning

Usually by this time of year I have a few children that I notice becoming burnt out by the daily routine. Typically it is always my five year olds. By this time we have spent enough time inside to really go crazy due to the weather, and the kids become less interested in learning any new concepts. They really want to run free outside and this is understandable. So I mixed it up a little for Mumble who is certainly showing all the signs that he wished school was over. I browsed through my materials that I haven't introduced him to, and  I was happy to find the Parts of the Car work  from Montessori for Everyone.

                                     The control chart.

                               Nomenclature cards.

Mumble was pleased with this work and forgot about the fact that he was reading, matching, and doing a little science all at the same time. Mumble loves cars!!

 After working with the cards Mumble was ready to get busy and he asked me if I had anything else new to show him. I gave Mumble a car magazine to read through. Boy was he happy !! When he was done looking through the magazine He showed me his favorite picture of a car in the magazine. I told Mumble that he could cut it out and take the picture home.



  1. Great creative teaching! I wish the waether would break here too, we are definatly getting restless!

  2. This is right now JR's alley! Thanks for the tip. :)

  3. Wonderful lesson! You are very attentive to the needs of your classroom!!

    The cards are great!



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