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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Pond

This month one of our units is about the pond. I am using the Mother Goose Time to supplement our learning experiences.  I love how they have made this theme a fun time for all ages.

         I put together this sensory bin for the toddlers.

 A popular work on the shelves this week is this freebie from Montessori Print Shop. The child cuts the strip that I have attached by a staple and then matches up the frog by the pictures and glues them in place.

   A take home book for the children to read and color. It tells about what things we can find at the pond.

This is the last page in the book where the child can draw what they can find at the pond. This book came with the kit from Mother Goose Time.

                                                        Our monthly spanish cards.

 We have enjoyed this counting book a lot. It really keeps the kids attention and it has them counting!! A very popular book this week among the kids. Again this book came with our kit.

If you are looking for more inspiration involving a pond theme I strongly urge you to pop over to Homeschool Creations Jolanthe just created another awesome preschool pack with the pond theme, and it is FREE!!                                                              


  1. Hi.... I love your sensory tub.... I'd never have thought of making a pond tub this way.... love it, si simple and effective! Thanks for sharing! I'll store that one up for the future!
    Jen x

  2. Creative tub. Thinking that's a fake mini turtle in there?

  3. The sensory bin is very clever and looks very fun!

    Thanks for sharing the link to Mother Goose Time. I signed up for their newsletters.

    I just reserved Turtle Splash at the library too!

    Thanks again!



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