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Thursday, November 17, 2011

For The Love Of Animals

I added a new work to the language shelves. Matching animals to their shadows I purchased this from Montessori Print Shop. Jessica enjoyed this work so much that it inspired her to work with all the Zoology Animal Puzzles that I have avaliable on the shelves.

     Matching animals to their shadows.

Jessica was very excited when she completed this work.

Next thing I noticed she was having her own marathon doing animal puzzles one after another.





I love seeing how after each puzzle she worked with her pincer grip got better and better each time. Don't you just love it when children get inspired? 


  1. Hi, I've really enjoyed reading about your school works! I was just wondering, when you have a matching activity, how do you present it? It may sound silly, but I'm unsure of how I should demonstrate how to match so many things. Do you have two stacks or are they all one one pile?

  2. Mel- Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. When I first introduced matching YES I had two different piles and I used a tray that was specifically divided, or used rubber bands. Another thing was the control of error, one pile had a specific color code, the children counted on this to help them set up the work correctly. I also used just five matches at a time. All the children here have done shadow matching before, so I put all the matches in a basket for added challenge. Also as time went on and children learned how to set their work up, I stopped dividing the matches up, I still use the control of error. I hope this helps.


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