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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Montessori Monday: Another Eventful Week

 Yeah ! They are loving everything that I am planning for them, and I am enjoying all of the fuits of labor being used. I can't tell you how many times I had that "perfect" lesson turned down by these people. Observation, observation, observation!!  I have children who have mastered sounds as outlined in the Montessori fashion. Hold on, if you are thinking about giving up on this way of learning to read. It is not the method it may not be the childs' moment just yet. I know it was had for me to restrain myself  to go back to the way I taught reading before learning abut the Montessori Method. I do add a few activities that I may use for certain children who want to learn to read and love paper, they are mainly cut and paste and coloring activities. They are retaining every bit of information. Numbers are being recognized and counting is being heard on a daily basis. All of the children know where to locate and name the continents. They are loving the pumpkin work, I need to add some flavor to the zoology area. Just a heads up I will be documenting a bit about either a childs' work, a new work , or a group activity we did everyday. The long post are working on me and I love to blog when it is short and sweet. Here are some photos of the kiddos getting their work on!!

              All four Knobbed Cylinder blocks

        Matching leaves to pictures using Botany Cabinet

          Color box#3 being returned the correct way!!

                          Collaging leaves to create a fall tree

                                               Sorting beads

                                                 Spooning cranberries

                                                 Whisking bubbles

                                                    Punching leaves

                                                   Color box #2

                                                  Stringing straw beads

 Looking forward to learning some more from my hardworking friends this week. To see other children doing activities inspired by the Montessori Method please visit One Hook Wonder and Living Montessori Now for Montessori Monday.                                                                        


  1. as always, wonderfully documented works!

  2. I love seeing their work in action! I spy some of my favorite materials, too. I want color box 3 for myself, really. I'll do the work when I'm feeling stressed and all my worries will just melt away ;)

  3. Awesome work again - and great example of leaf cabinet work (love the fall tree, too)! I featured your post yesterday at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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