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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Round Up: The Photos I Haven't Shared With You All Yet

I really enjoy taking photos of the children while they are working,can you tell:) I actually catch a lot of things that I didn't observe before looking at the photo. It is all random, but it was definetly stuff of importance to me that would help the children. Maybe next week I will have a" I Spy" post and you can tell me what you see in the picture. Well here is the rest of my photo collection of this weeks' works in action.

                             Our friend Dre is back!!  Knobless Cylinders

                                                       Pink Tower
                                               Making patterns with legos.
                                             Tweezing Corn

             Matching spices using the Smelling bottles.

 Having a conference on how to build designs with the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs.

The most popular work of the week stringing Straw beads.

             Using a needle to sew with a canvas.

  Working with Constructive Triangles.

                        Writing on the window.

                                              Drew shapes
                                              to clean the window
We had a great week! Looking forward to some more special moments next week. I am linking this post to the Preschool Corner hosted by Homeschool Creations, and the TGIF Linky Party.                                                                                                                                            


  1. Fun week - stringing straw beads looks like a lot of fun. I wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF Linky Party - - Beth =-)

  2. I too, enjoy taking photos of the children working and you mentioned, the photos can really add a new dimension to the art of observation! I love the lego pattern work as well as the drawing on the window. I think I might just have to go get some window markers to make our window washing work more meaningful! :) Thanks for sharing. Sasha

  3. I love pictures too! I often see little subtleties I didn't notice when I was simply observing the work!

  4. I never thought to let children write on the window before washing it. What a brilliant point of interest for a sometimes forgotten activity!


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